Running Session in the Green Paris

Paris is known for its architecture, its terraces, its monuments and museums, but not only. Since 2010, running sessions in Paris have become very trendy and many are the people who visit Paris while running along its streets, parks, rivers banks!
Do you like running while visiting a city and its most insolite places?
MYLOPY offers you to discover some original places, where you sportive Visitors, may go for a running session through Paris, guided by a Lopy...

Running in Paris: the casting-planted green walk

This place is ideal to go for a run while taking a break with the dim of the city. It is also perfect to discover Paris through a new perspective.

The casting-planted green walk is an old railway that goes from Bastille, in the south-east of Paris, to the Bois de Vincennes on the east side of Paris, while crossing all the 12th district. This old railway was redesigned to make of it a great green area in the middle of the capital with a various vegetation, and passages under galeries.

For a return journey, the path is 9 to 10km.
Metro station: Ledru-Rollin

Running in Paris: the Seine's banks near the National Library of France

The ideal starting point is Bercy, in the south-east of Paris. This path going all along the Seine will make you pass by the Jardin des Plantes and the Bercy's park.

It's very important to know that the rivers' banks are made of cobbled-stones that are not always in good conditions. Then, it's very important to tie the laces of your choose and watch your ankles. If you are determined, it's possible to run until the Pont des Arts. A running session in the wind of Paris is waiting for you.

Ideal for a 5 to 7km running session!
Metro station: Quai de la gare 

Park of the Buttes-Chaumont

This park is amazing, there is a little lake, a view overlooking the capital and numerous varied green areas - but MYLOPY must warn you, you may have to climb the hills to reach some specific spots!

There are several arduous hills to walk or run on. It is not the less frequented park by the runners, but it is very pleasant to run here, as you are emerged in the nature...
Ideal for a 5km running session!
Metro station: Buttes-Chaumont 

Here are some ideas of places where to run with a Lopy. If you are full of energy, check our activities online and book for a visit-running session with a Lopy!

See you soon on MYLOPY.

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