5 good reasons to do your visit with a local

It is quite surprising to realize that the actual generation do not give much importance to material goods compared to travel experiences. It is not always easy to take the plunge and go on an adventure alone.  This is what inspired the concept of MYLOPY. In order to convince you, here are 5 good reasons to do your visits with a local, apart from having the occasion to experiment activities while having a good time.

Discover the local's way of life

Organizing a visit with a local will give you the opportunity to learn more about his or her lifestyle, habits, and the daily life tricks.

Traveling for a short period will not give you the full opportunity to integrate yourself to the culture of the country you visit. However, live the travel experience with a Lopy (local people) will make you feel as such. You could even have fun comparing you different cultures. Perhaps you would be surprised to notice that, eventually, you are not that different !
Your Lopy could answer to your questions about the local culture, the things you saw during the day in his or her company, but also tell you more about what a typical local's life looks like everyday.

Get to know the good plan

It is true that it is very easy to know where to go out and what to visit thanks to internet - but these suggestions are neither original nor personalized.

When you meet a local, you can do special requests, and the Lopy will know where to lead you according to what you want to see or experiment. Besides, he will know the good tips to have fun without spending too much of money!

Explore atypical places without wasting your time

When you travel as a tourist, let's say, in Paris or in London, the main places to visit are indubitably the Eiffel Tower or Big Ben, the Arc de Triomphe or the Tower Bridge, the Notre-Dame Cathedral or the London Eye, The Palace of Versailles or the London Tower, the Louvre or the British Museum - all these places are magnificent.

But Paris and London are not just that. They are cities filled with secrets and coloured back alleys, with romantic and isolated parks, atypical coffee places and libraries similar to the ones in the Harry Potter's movie. It's only thanks to a Lopy that you could venture in these in unusual places without having to waste your time doing researches online! A great way to get away from the classic form of tourism.

Taste the real local gastronomy

To avoid having to stop at the fast food at the corner of the street by fear of not being able to express yourself in another language or read the menu, go eat with a local !

On one hand, it is always more pleasant to share a dish with other people than eating alone. You can taste at local dishes and sweets - and if you're looking for a more authentic moment, why not joining a local at his home around a diner table?

Feel safe as if you were home

When you are not at home, you tend not to feel that safe - in particular when you do not speak the local language. In company of a Lopy, you will already feel more secured.

This latter will show you how to act, and make you gain in confidence in an environment which is not yours. A good way to feel like at home while being far away from your real home.

If you have other good reasons to do your visit with a local, do not hesitate to share it with us in the comments! And do not hesitate to contact MYLOPY during your next trip, or talk about it around you!

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