Discover the Speakeasy

The speakeasies make a strong come back in Paris. Let’s discover the concept of the speakeasy, unavoidable at the time of the Prohibition in New-York City.

The origin of the speakeasy

You must go back in the 1920s, when the Prohibition was established. At the time the sale of alcohol was made illegal in the United-States. Clandestine bars then appeared in basements, back-rooms, behind curtains. Places where communities as the mafias, criminals and people having problems with the justice used to meet up and take advantage of the occasion to create illegal alcohol business networks.

The owner of the bar would tell his customers to keep their voices down, which is at the origin of the appellation “speakeasy”. This term in fact, means to “speak quietly so as not to alert the police or neighbors”. It is also phonetically close to “Spaik-aisy” which refers to the hiding place of the bootlegger.

Discover the speakeasy bars, hidden places in Paris

A Parisian replica of the speakeasy

Among those secret places, one of our favorite is the “Lavomatic. It is one of the latest bar of this trend to be in the center of Paris. Its particularity – a big washing machine always on with clothes in it whirling ceaselessly.
Behind the launderette door is hidden a bar of the same name. You can only count on yourself to find the entrance, or should I say the secret switch to open the bar’s door.
Obviously, don’t expect from me to tell you where it is!

Discover the hidden bar in Paris

There, a cosy room, furnished with sofas and colorful cushions, contrasts with the coldness of the launderette. During a break, enjoy some nice background music in a pleasant atmosphere.

You can have a drink, eat, and relax. The speakeasy is an ideal place where to meet people. It would also be great to go with travelers and make them discover a different Parisian life. And this is what makes of it one of the most unusual place to go in the thematic of Paris by night.

Cocktail in a Paris speakeasy bar
If you are curious and wish to discover other secret bars, don’t worry – "one of our Lopy" suggests you to follow him in another speakeasy of Paris, full of mysteries. Come in these very discrete and unusual bars in Paris where only people aware of their existence go.

Enjoy your time there!

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