The best hot chocolates in Paris - between flavours and originality

In winter or all along the year, you have to admit that a hot chocolate break is always welcome. Paris is well known for its numerous Cafes and terraces. Some of its Cafes are often frequented by celebrities, and some great Chocolatiers and Pastry Chefs never stop inspiring theses typically Parisian meeting and relaxing spots.

Today, Parisian fellows or travelers from the whole world, the team of MYLOPY invites you to discover its selection of the 5 most unmissable places where to savour the best hot chocolates in Paris!

We know that, when it comes to the chocolate, the tastes and flavours may change according to the persons. Some prefer it raw, others sweeter, or latte... Between the smooth home made hot chocolate, milk foam, whipped cream, pepper, jam... and yes! Which one will awaken your tastes buds, and will manage to seduce you?

A hot chocolate to take a little break!

If you are a traveler, a passenger or a local, you surely enjoy visiting the most beautiful places in Paris, such as the Louvre or the Château de Versailles. However, these long visits may be a little bit exhausting... Fortunately, MYLOPY thought about you and tried two of the main and unmissable places where to drink a hot chocolate!

During a visit at the Château de Versailles, or a walk in the Tuileries, stop by the famous Maison Angelina, a place considered as unmissable by the fans of hot chocolates. Enter in a refined place remembering the golden age, that only the Maison Angelina has the secret of, and let you be carried into a trip through a myriad of flavours... Served in a jug, coming with an unsweetened whipped cream, the Angelina's hot chocolate draw its flavours from cocoa bean from abroad, as in Ghana, Niger or even Ivory Coast. Perfect to awaken your tastes buds! And not to forget their delicious pastries.

An exhibition grabbed your attention at the Louvre's Museum? Why not stopping by the Café Marly? Come in this romantic Cafe, which overlooks the pyramid of the Louvre, and enjoy one of the best hot chocolate in Paris. Qualified as raw, classic and delicate, this hot chocolate served in a jug will carry you in a relaxing break, with an amazing view.

When hot chocolate rhymes with literature

If you like literature, or are simply curious to discover an emblematic place in Paris, come and sit at the terrace of the legendary Café de Flore. Located in one of the chicest district of Paris, framed with lovely flowers and ivy leaves, the terrace of the Café de Flore welcomed many intellectuals and literary persons as Apollinaire, or Frédéric Beigbeder. The Café also gave its the name to a literature prize, the Prix de Flore. You too, come and sit at the terrace of the Cafe to take advantage of the sun rays. Come with a book or a friend, and taste at one of their amazing brutal, traditional hot chocolates and its exquisite dosage, and enter in the legend!

Do you fancy tasting something more original ?

The shop Puerto Cacao, which also do Café/Brunch, has a suggestion of organic chocolate coming from the fair trade that you can buy or taste directly in the shop within the form of a hot chocolate to drink. The particularity of this place is that you can mix several surprising flavours! Do you fancy tasting a hot chocolate with pepper, or blueberry jam? Go at Puerto Cacao in the 12th district of Paris!

Le Voltiger, located in the district of the Marais, is the ideal place where to relax in a cosy atmosphere, surrounded by books. Alone or with friends, come and taste their hot chocolate that you almost make yourself! With a jug filled with chocolate, another one with milk, your cup, make your own dosage as a real master of the hot chocolate! Then you could alternate the flavours: raw, smooth, or sweetened. Ideal for the most exigent taste bugs.

Here you are in possession of a list of Cafes where to drink the best hot chocolates, all the more smooth and originals. A perfect way to make your taste bugs travel, to relax, and to live like a real Parisian. Besides, our LOPYS often suggest to do a break at a Cafe during their tour. Do not hesitate to ask them to go at one of these if they are on your way!

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