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MYLOPY Meet you local people

MYLOPY is a startup company aiming to bring people closer and foster cultural exchanges. The idea is simple and clear : we aspire to create a bond betweens travelers from all over the world and local people, whom we like to call the Lopys.

Meet Your Local People - Why?

A trip is a unique experience, and everyone lives it differently. Some people prefer to visit museums and famous places, some like to discover customs and meet new people, and others just want to hang out and have fun. This is why we created MYLOPY: as travel tour operators can not always offer visitors the freedom to choose their own activities, some travelers do not have the opportunity to accomplish what they originally planned.

Choosing MYLOPY is giving you the opportunity to customize your trip as you wish, while being helped and guided by a local who shares the same passions as you and speaks your language. It also enables you to discover things you never imagined existed; a hidden bar, a romantic spot, a delicious and unexpected tiny restaurant... Actually, a visit with a Lopy is just about exchanging and sharing: exchanging information, exchanging culture and language, sharing interests, sharing time together.

Meet Your Local People - How?

MYLOPY selects Lopys across the globe who can speak your language, share your interests and passions, and fulfill your expectations. Also, we provide you with a large variety of categories of experiences to ensure that everybody gets something out of it:

  • Food
  • Art & Culture
  • Sports
  • Fashion & Shopping
  • Music & Nightlife
  • City walks
Do you want to be part of our community? Then join us on!

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