Our selection of four traditional French dishes

On a trip in France, and you would like to taste at real French gastronomy? MYLOPY is here to make you live the most amazing culinary experience you'll have during your trip! Let you be lead by some of our Lopys, who will bring you to the best restaurants in town, or invite you for dinner in their own dinning room - and you may even cook with them!

French traditional meal n°1: the Blanquette de Veau

The name of "Blanquette de Veau" is used in french to speak of a white meat stew (veal, lamb...) cooked in a seasoning of fresh cream and water coming with aromatic flavours. Basically, the sauce of the Blanquette is made of fresh cream and eggs white.
The Blanquette has a big place in the French gastronomy.

It is a dish made of tender meat, and a sweet and sour sauce. To have numerous savours in mouth, it is recommended to mix different vegetables as carrots and celery. Most of the time, this dish is served with flavoured rice.

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French traditional dish n°2  the Beef Bourguignon

The Beef Bourguignon is a traditional dish coming from the Burgundy region, in the centre-east of France. Through the years, this dish has been revisited and is nowadays reimagined by the best Chefs. The recipe consists in cook steam the meat while telling it marinate in wine, carrots and other vegetables. This recipe helps to make the meat tender - otherwise it would be too hard.

Beef Bourguignon, Beef Burgundy, French Gastronomy, French food

Through the years this dish became a real reference in the French gastronomy domain. It is loved thanks to its tender meat, its vegetables and its delicious sauce that adds flavour to the dish.

French traditional meal n°3: the Coq au Vin

The Coq au Vin is also a typical French dish. It is made of chicken, red wine, mushrooms and oignons.

Coq au vin, French gastronomy, French traditiional food

You can easily change the recipe for this dish while keeping the major ingredients, for instance by using a wine of Burgundy. According to the region you decide to visit, you will see that the use of wine in the French cuisine may varie: Coq au Vin Jaune (Jura, east of France), Coq au Vin Violet (Beaujolais Nouveau, a wine from Lyon in the East of France) or even the Coq au Champagne!

Some Lopy invite you to cook at their home with them!
At Lola and Raphael's you can cook a Ratatouille and savour it together!

You can also have a look to the others activities online!

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