The Parisian Fallafel

Today, let’s discover a new dish what will strongly awake your taste bud - the Fallafel! The Fallafel is a culinary speciality spread in the Middle-East. Served hot or cold, the Fafallel invites itself onto your plates!

What is a Fallafel

This recipe is made of chickpeas or broad bean balls fried in oil. It has its origins in Egypt. Later, the Fallafel conquered nearby regions corresponding to Syria and Lebanon, and are nowadays eaten everywhere in the Middle-East.

The Fallafel, a delicious dish coming from the Middle-East, back in Paris   

Very popular notably in Lebanon, Syria, and Egypt, the Fallafels are known by the name of “tamiya”. In Turkey, Jordan and Israel, it is usually not served in a plate but in a sandwich made of pita bread, with raw vegetables and sometimes hummus or “tahini”.

A fallafel may be softened by a sumptuous yogurt sauce, or tahini in the Lebanese and Israeli gastronomy. The Fallafel significates wrap, which comes from the word “mlaff”, as it is eaten in the form of a sandwich. It may also refer to the word “flayfle” which significates spices.

Paris and its Fallafels

Everyone knows that the best Fallafels can be found at the heart of Paris, in the famous district of the Marais. Rue des Rosiers you have the most unmissable places to eat at. The fallafels are a must-go, a must-eat, a real touristic thing.

L'As du Fallafel, l'endroit idéal pour manger des fallafels à Paris

The Fallafel is not only a delicious dish to eat, but the tasting of those little Pita bread is an opportunity to be delighted while enjoying a meal and walk around the most famous district in Paris.
So, what are you waiting for? Let’s meet Rue des Rosiers to enjoy this oriental sandwich, while you are visiting the Marais with a Lopy !

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