What is a Lopy?

Lopys are local people. Become a Lopy and make visitors discover your city through various activities run by you!

A great Lopy is:

a lopy is passionate about his city and like to speak foreign languages

Why becoming a Lopy?

The main consideration as a Lopy is to propose to visitors activities reflecting your passions and share an experience they will never forget.
This is also an opportunity to meet new people, to practice foreign languages and to spend a good time while being compensated.

Indeed, you set up the price of your activity. 

How to become Lopy?

lopy means local people
Joining the community, nothing could be easier !

  • Sign up on our website www.mylopy.com
  • Create your profile
  • Set up your first activity following the direction and post it on the website
  • Do not forget to update your availabilities
  • For every booking, you will earn money
To help you design your activity consult the article "Create your activity step by step"

When your profile is created and online, our team will check all the information concerning your activity. 
As soon as validated, bookings are now available !
In order to pay the operating cost , MYLOPY takes 15% commission on each booking.

With MYLOPY, you will soon be able to meet people from different location !
What are you waiting for?

If you have any questions, feel free to check the FAQ on the website or simply ask us at: contact@mylopy.com.

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